selamat datang

Monday, October 17, 2011

one wish =.=

If I had just one wish,

I wouldn’t wish for money,
I wouldn’t wish for love,
I wouldn’t ask for fame,
Or seek power & authority…

If I had just one wish,

I would wish to be free of feelings;
Because I just can’t take feeling anymore!

I don’t want to wake up with tears in my eyes,
I don’t want my anger to eat me up inside…

I don’t want to ache for loss,
Or weep from pain…

I don’t want to feel broken,
Or suffocate from my loneliness…

I don’t want to feel misunderstood,
Or suffer trying to fit in…

I don’t want to feel jealousy,
And its insecurities…

I don’t want to feel fear,
Of any kind or manifestations…

The love I feel for others,
And the consequent disappointments,
I want them all gone…

I wave my right to happiness as well,
I don’t want this short-lived lie…

Joy, hope, desire and pleasure,
Take them all away too…

Feelings make us weak,
And I’ve had my share of weakness…

Feelings make us vulnerable,
And I’ve been vulnerable for long enough…

I just want to exist idly…
As a table,
A chair,
A door,
A street.

Until my time has come,
And I can finally rest.


  1. best lagu ni...
    nak nangis dengarrr ! :'(

  2. aton nie bukan lagu la..lbh kurang mcm bakpo...ade prob ke???

  3. ko ingat x aku ade ckp yg aku ade mimpi die aritu ?
    Hurm...rupenya ade something happen... :'(
    Then aku dpt taw nenek aku sakit plak...